District cooling pays

A product of Wien Energie GmbH

Regardless of whether it is for a shopping centre, hospital, hotel or office building – district cooling is the convenient and environmentally friendly large-customer solution for cooling buildings.

Stay cool despite climate warming

District heating represents a gain for the environment, a gain for you and guarantees a future-proof supply of energy to your property. In twenty years, experts believe that Europe will need almost as much cooling energy as heating energy. On the other hand, energy consumption should be cut to slow down climate change. If you have any questions now about how this should work – there is an environmentally friendly and economic solution: District cooling.

Smart technologies from Wien Energie

Refrigeration centre at the Vienna Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof)
Copyright: Wien Energie/Ian Ehm

Vienna has been paving new ways to generate cooling energy for several years now. The focus here has been on waste heat that is produced in power plants and when waste is incinerated – a concept that has been working well for district heating for decades. In the case of district cooling, refrigeration machines generate cooling energy from waste heat, for instance.


A better air-conditioning unit – ideally suited to your location

Wien Energie’s district cooling is better that cooling buildings in the conventional way – saving space and protecting the environment. With two solutions that fit exactly to your needs:

  • Decentralised solution: Here Wien Energie installs a refrigeration centre directly at the customer.
  • Centralised solution: This concept uses a refrigeration centre that supplies several customers at the same time via a district cooling network.

Green cooling

In addition to electricity, waste heat from the incineration of waste and from co-generation technology at power plants are used to produce district cooling. This means that four to ten times less primary energy is required compared to conventional air-conditioning units. This also cuts the amount of CO2 produced. Moreover a large district cooling system is much more efficient than many smaller air-conditioning units.

Many advantages

  • Fair price: With its total package, district cooling offers good value for money.
  • More space: If you connect your building to the district cooling network, you do not need any cooling towers, transformer stations or refrigeration centres. The saves valuable usable space.
  • Clean environment: District cooling uses water instead of harmful HFCs (hydro fluorocarbons) in the absorber. This protects the ozone layer.
  • Transparent costs: You have no cost risk for maintenance, operations and supplies such as coolant, oil and chemicals.
  • Secure supply: Refrigeration machines that can be used at the same time offer the highest degree of security of supply.
  • Less tied-up capital: Wien Energie bears the majority of the investment risk associated with district cooling projects.

Well informed

Our district cooling team will be happy to talk to you in person about the specific advantages for your building or construction project.