Reading meters and billing

Information about meter readings and billing, bank account details and instalments.

Switch from paying-in slips to direct debit

The easiest way to set up a direct debit or change your bank details is to use our OnlineServices. All you have to do is provide your bank details and personal data ... and it’s done!

Your benefits of a direct debit:

  • You pay ten instalments each year – this way, you have a lower amount to pay each month than is the case for quarterly payments made by paying-in slips (of course, the total amount remains the same)
  • The cycle of the debits can be changed individually in the Online Services – monthly, every two months, etc.
  • You do not need to worry about when payments are due.
  • Two free energy days for customers with the private electricity OPTIMA tariff.
  • Any credit that you may have as a result of the annual statement will be automatically transferred to your account.

Set up/change direct debit

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Your next instalments

You can find your current instalment plan online:

  • Payment dates
  • Instalment amount
  • Method of payment
  • Energy form
  • the possibility to change the number of instalments.


As a registered OnlineServices customer, you can also view you instalments online at any time. Simply log in to / register for OnlineServices and keep up to date.

View/change instalments

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All you have to do in order to benefit fully from the range of free OnlineServices available is to register using your customer and account number. You can find these on your annual statement or on your last instalment bill.

Provide your meter reading online – quickly, easily and conveniently

You can also report your meter reading online and register for self-meter reading using your customer account number. Your meter reading is used as the basis for calculating the annual statement.

Report your meter reading

Please note: You will be redirected to the website of the network operator. The service will open in a new window.

We make every effort to produce bills that are easy to understand while, at the same time, conforming to regulatory standards. If, despite this, the information should appear unclear, we will be happy to help you with further explanations.

  • You can find a summary of every term in your annual statement in our glossary of terms for the bill.
  • You can also have your annual statement explained interactively.
    Annual statement for electricity and gas (private customers)


As a registered OnlineServices customer, you can view you bill online at any time. Simply log in to the OnlineServices and keep up to date.

View your past bills

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You can also receive information, advice and support by telephone via our free hotline for bills 0800 500 800-10 from Monday to Friday between 7:30 am and 6 pm.

E-billing - very practical

Overflowing letter box? Misplaced documents? Both things of the past. With Wien Energie’s e-billing, everything is much easier now. And the best thing is e-billing is good for your wallet and the environment.

Want to know how to do this? Quite simple: Wien Energie’s e-billing for electricity, gas and district heating arrives directly in your inbox as an email. And with it come a great many advantages:

  • The electronic bill comes automatically to you via email as a PDF
  • Better safe than sorry with a digital signature
  • No postman = no waiting times
  • You can access and save your e-bill again at any time
  • You save paper and postage

Switch to e-billing

To e-billing in three steps

It is very easy to start receiving your bills by email.

  • Log in to register for Wien Energie’s OnlineServices
  • Provide us with your current email address
  • Authorise us to take payment by direct debit